Fuera de Limites skincare The Ultimate Skin Care Technology Coming in 2019

The Ultimate Skin Care Technology Coming in 2019

The cosmetic industry has seen the biggest impact of the advances in technology. Look out for these technologies in 2019.

  1. Wearable technology: It is now possible to know what is happening internally with a wearable device. This year people can watch out for devices that not only tell your heart rate, BP, calories burnt but also analyze DNA, scan your skin and use augmented reality for 3D of the face.
  2. Micellar water: Deceptively similar to normal water, the micellar water is known for its makeup removal properties. Filled with microscopic micellar molecules which work gently on your skin to remove dirt and other debris.
  3. Skin scanner: An important aspect of skincare treatment is to analyze the skin which includes the pore size, hydration levels etc. Currently, there are scanners that magnify the skin almost 30 times to help doctors or cosmetologists to reach an accurate diagnosis and treat accordingly.
  4. Laser treatments: The uses of lasers are becoming manifold as you can now use them to remove tattoos, warts, acne marks, nail fungus, and even birthmarks.
  5. Home spa: It is no a more a necessity to visit the spa every time you want your skin to be pampered. It is now possible to have a spa-like treatment at home complete with LED light, cryotherapy and T-sonic pulsations to penetrate the skin deeper and produce better results all within a span of 30 minutes. You can select the temperature and the ingredients to suit the time of the day.

Customization:  You no longer have to settle for products that are meant for a group of people; you can now customize lotions on the spot based on your skin type due to the use of augmented reality. This technology also helps you visualize your looks with a particular hairstyle or makeup