Fuera de Limites Tech Drug Screen: How Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing Works

Drug Screen: How Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing Works

Don’t leave your fingerprints around if you have been using illicit drugs for it is now possible to screen for drugs from fingerprints. This is the latest technology that has revolutionized the drug testing industry as well as the criminal justice field. With just a meager sample of sweat from a fingerprint technology can now detect the presence of drugs like amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine and even opiates. And all this is possible within 10 minutes of initiating a test.

This is the test is non-invasive, mess-free and bears no risk of biohazardous material or content.

How does it work?

It is not always easy to get traditional samples like urine, saliva or even hair for testing but that is not the case with the intelligent fingerprinting. The test kit consists of a cartridge for collecting the sample and a portable reader or analyzer fitted with specialized immunoassay reagents.

The principle on which this piece of technology works is that all substances that the body ingests get metabolized and traces of the metabolites are present in one’s sweat. Our fingerprints also consist of tiny amounts of sweat and this is what is tested in this method. The method is so potent that even fingerprints of dead people can be tested for drug abuse.

When results from the test were correlated with routine tests it was found that the results were 99% accurate.

The process of testing

To begin with, a small sample of the fingerprint is collected in the cartridge. This sample is then placed in the screening device. Here the immunoreagents get to work and within a matter of 10 minutes, the results are out. based on the group for which the test was carried out the result is given. Thus, it is now becoming difficult to get pass results for drug testing but there are still several options to clear a drug test at Ouch club that you can check out.