Fuera de Limites Tech 10 Awesome Selfie Ideas to Get More LIKES, Comments and Shares

10 Awesome Selfie Ideas to Get More LIKES, Comments and Shares

Social media allows you to post photos and share stories. There are plenty of photos, videos and stories being shared. But not all of them get the same type of response. Take the case of the trend of posting selfies for example- there are many who post selfies but some receive more likes and shares than the others. If you wish to become a star on social media you should be able to increase the following that you have on the social media sites. For this, there are plenty of tricks to follow. But it all begins with great quality content. So if you wish to post better selfies and become more popular on social media then here are a few tips to follow –

  1. Find your favorable angle – try clicking plenty of pictures from all the angles. Pick one that does perfect justice to your face.
  2. Use a reliable light source. Natural light is always the best option. You can also create magic with artificial light sources and a few filters.
  3. Use the guiding grid to frame the shot well.
  4. Pick a suitable background. One that doesn’t have too many distracting elements would make your face stand out.
  5. Candid shots work pretty well- simply learn the art of clicking a selfie that looks candid and natural.
  6. Do not hesitate to go with high angle shots. They even have a slimming effect on your silhouette
  7. Be careful about the clothes you wear. These can make or break the shot.
  8. Every little detail about your outfit including your accessories can have an impact on the photo. Pick genuine designer accessories from https://www.luxtime.su/ysl-bags to get that stunning selfie.
  9. Themed photos work very well. Find backgrounds that are coordinated with your outfit or vice versa.

Do not hesitate to use the burst mode in order to capture your natural emotions.