Top Benefits of Technology for Children

Most of the parents want to know if the exposure of screen media and technology is right for their children or not.  In recent few studies, it has been shown that proper exposure to interactive technology helps in the improvement and development of the children’s learning capabilities. Below mentioned are few benefits of technology for young children. Other than technology, many games, and toys too help in the physical and mental development of the child. Visit to get more ideas regarding the same.

Better eye-hand coordination- The children develop eye-hand coordination through various engaging applications. This occurs when the kid visually follows the object seen on screen and participates actively. Eye-hand coordination is very much essential before they start their schooling as it helps a lot in drawing and writing.

Improves the language skills- Interactive screen time helps the children in developing language skills. By accessing different stories online and reading eBooks, they learn many new words and also the right way to pronounce it. 

Promote cognitive development- Technology helps in providing the necessary skills which are required to be successful academically. It helps in developing the skills that are critical for applied learning and to engage in higher-order thinking.

Increases the motivation to finish up a task- Most of the computer activities and apps encourages children to complete one level so that they could go to the next level.  This helps in building a foundation for kids that makes them keep trying until they overcome the challenges faced in the real world.

Develops talents and skills- Interactive media helps in exploring the genius of children.  When the kids are exposed to the writing or music exercises onscreen, the parents could discover their kid’s inclinations and interest. Technology offers varied opportunities for children to explore.  …

10 Free Pedometer Apps That Are Better Than Fitbit

Fitbit is inevitable in the life of athletes and fitness freaks. The wearable band comprises an accelerometer, which can convert the movements of the body into digital measurements. Fitbit can is synched with smartphones via Bluetooth so that data can be read on the phone. The latest pedometer apps have outsmarted Fitbit in many ways. Check out the best, not to miss apps here.

1.    Zombie, run: This is a great way to motivate ourselves to run to burn the calories, the same way as Natural medicine on does. The interactive app narrates excellent fitness-inducing stories to the users which can be heard while jogging.

2.    Runtastic steps: The versatile step counter furnishes the users with the weekly, monthly and annual calorie burning statistics and pushes the avid users to set goals.

3.    Argus: It is the most comprehensive wellness app endorsed by millions of users. It not only counts the steps but also monitors the sleep cycle, heartbeat, calorie, and nutritional intake.

4.    Pedometer: The simple, realistic app functions the best for planned workouts and also helps to keep up with the calories burnt, distance walked and speed.

5.    Apple health: The comprehensive iPhone app tracks everyday activities at utmost efficiency and accuracy.

6.    Accupedo: The app offers widgets for your mobile home screen, hourly reminders and email summaries.

7.    Map my walk: In addition to the conventional parameters, the app keeps track of the users’ walking routes, that can be shared among friends and also helps to explore newer interesting and adventurous ways.

8.    Quped: Quped helps its users to build a community and compare their stats with that of other users of the same age and gender.

9.    Winwalk: The amazing app helps one to earn points while he/she walks. The acquired points can be redeemed for discounts and gift coupons.

10.    Stepz: The app provides additional motivation to get down walking and sets the stage for improvement.…

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Healthcare Industry

Artificial intelligence is changing the healthcare industry in the following ways:

  1. Robotic surgery:  AI has facilitated performing complicated surgeries.  The human body has many narrow passages.  Certain parts are fragile.  Any error in surgery can lead to complications.  Robotic surgery helps in solving all these issues.  It can help in eliminating human errors.  It helps in combining the advantages of the surgeon’s brilliance with the precision of mechanics.
  • Imaging diagnostics:  The various tests like X-rays, CT scan, MRI etc. are taken to understand the seriousness of a health issue.  However, one cannot always rely on the accuracy of these.  In the field of radiology, AI helps in avoiding errors.  AI uses algorithms to identify cancerous and non-cancerous cells.  Hence, an accurate diagnostic is made possible.  See more at ApexHealthandCare.
  • Virtual medical assistant:  Medicines and post-surgical care play a vital role in health recovery.  But when the person is weak and aged, he might forget consuming the drugs regularly.  A virtual medical assistant is like a human nurse who can take care of the following:
  1. Remind the patient about medicine intake
  2. Checking his diet list
  3. Maintains stock of medicine and reminds about re-order to replenish the stock
  4. Check the visible symptoms of a disease and advise the patient.
  • Electronic health records:  When health records are maintained manually, there may be misplacement and errors.  Electronic health records ensure that health data is stored safely for future needs.  These are free from errors.  The data stored on the cloud is easy to retrieve during the time of need.  AI has enabled voice recognition and understanding dictation for this purpose.  Complete health history of the patient can be saved without missing out anything. 

All the above points can help one understand and appreciate AI.  AI is faster and accurate.  No wonder it will replace humans in the field of healthcare very sooner.…

Smart Home Guide: How To Add And Control Your Lights And Devices

One needs to buy components like sensors, cameras, speakers, smart bulbs and a few others to connect in a single hub.  When all the gadgets are connected in a single hub, it becomes easy to access and control through a smartphone.  However, it requires a lot of money as well as time.  For DIY people, spending time and doing things are better whereas, for a few others, it is a diehard job.  One can get relatively inexpensive products if the person needs and wants are not so complex.

Many inexpensive products can deliver the output in a promising way and fits into the budget too.  Make sure that these smart home products are compatible with each other and able to connect with a distinct hub not without having much trouble.  In that case, it provides a solid foundation for the smart home in which it can be expanded over time.  However, one can have advantages of smart home, when all the products are connected to the smartphone and the user would be able to monitor, control using with a single interface.  To explore further, read more on YourSmartHomeGuide.

Here are a few smart home products for the beginners to wonder about;

  • Smart speakers from the giant leaders like Amazon Echo and Google assistant started to play a wide role in the application of smart home systems.  These smart home speakers are widely incorporated by many of the smart home manufacturers in order to improve and enhance the experience of the user.
  • Smart home cameras with good quality help to monitor the activities at home, especially when the user is away from home. Indoor cameras aids in monitoring the kids and pets activities and the outdoor cameras help to monitor the poachers or prowlers.
  • Smart thermostats at home aids in delivering both comforts as well as energy savings thus reducing the cost.  Moreover, these smart thermostats are enhanced in anticipating the heating and cooling effects to satisfy the user benefits.
  • Smart bulbs are able to communicate either through wifi or via Bluetooth which will enhance the smart home systems.  Perfect smart bulbs will bring both lighting and control in a smart hub. 

10 Awesome Selfie Ideas to Get More LIKES, Comments and Shares

Social media allows you to post photos and share stories. There are plenty of photos, videos and stories being shared. But not all of them get the same type of response. Take the case of the trend of posting selfies for example- there are many who post selfies but some receive more likes and shares than the others. If you wish to become a star on social media you should be able to increase the following that you have on the social media sites. For this, there are plenty of tricks to follow. But it all begins with great quality content. So if you wish to post better selfies and become more popular on social media then here are a few tips to follow –

  1. Find your favorable angle – try clicking plenty of pictures from all the angles. Pick one that does perfect justice to your face.
  2. Use a reliable light source. Natural light is always the best option. You can also create magic with artificial light sources and a few filters.
  3. Use the guiding grid to frame the shot well.
  4. Pick a suitable background. One that doesn’t have too many distracting elements would make your face stand out.
  5. Candid shots work pretty well- simply learn the art of clicking a selfie that looks candid and natural.
  6. Do not hesitate to go with high angle shots. They even have a slimming effect on your silhouette
  7. Be careful about the clothes you wear. These can make or break the shot.
  8. Every little detail about your outfit including your accessories can have an impact on the photo. Pick genuine designer accessories from to get that stunning selfie.
  9. Themed photos work very well. Find backgrounds that are coordinated with your outfit or vice versa.

Do not hesitate to use the burst mode in order to capture your natural emotions. …

Drug Screen: How Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing Works

Don’t leave your fingerprints around if you have been using illicit drugs for it is now possible to screen for drugs from fingerprints. This is the latest technology that has revolutionized the drug testing industry as well as the criminal justice field. With just a meager sample of sweat from a fingerprint technology can now detect the presence of drugs like amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine and even opiates. And all this is possible within 10 minutes of initiating a test.

This is the test is non-invasive, mess-free and bears no risk of biohazardous material or content.

How does it work?

It is not always easy to get traditional samples like urine, saliva or even hair for testing but that is not the case with the intelligent fingerprinting. The test kit consists of a cartridge for collecting the sample and a portable reader or analyzer fitted with specialized immunoassay reagents.

The principle on which this piece of technology works is that all substances that the body ingests get metabolized and traces of the metabolites are present in one’s sweat. Our fingerprints also consist of tiny amounts of sweat and this is what is tested in this method. The method is so potent that even fingerprints of dead people can be tested for drug abuse.

When results from the test were correlated with routine tests it was found that the results were 99% accurate.

The process of testing

To begin with, a small sample of the fingerprint is collected in the cartridge. This sample is then placed in the screening device. Here the immunoreagents get to work and within a matter of 10 minutes, the results are out. based on the group for which the test was carried out the result is given. Thus, it is now becoming difficult to get pass results for drug testing but there are still several options to clear a drug test at Ouch club that you can check out. …

The Ultimate Skin Care Technology Coming in 2019

The cosmetic industry has seen the biggest impact of the advances in technology. Look out for these technologies in 2019.

  1. Wearable technology: It is now possible to know what is happening internally with a wearable device. This year people can watch out for devices that not only tell your heart rate, BP, calories burnt but also analyze DNA, scan your skin and use augmented reality for 3D of the face.
  2. Micellar water: Deceptively similar to normal water, the micellar water is known for its makeup removal properties. Filled with microscopic micellar molecules which work gently on your skin to remove dirt and other debris.
  3. Skin scanner: An important aspect of skincare treatment is to analyze the skin which includes the pore size, hydration levels etc. Currently, there are scanners that magnify the skin almost 30 times to help doctors or cosmetologists to reach an accurate diagnosis and treat accordingly.
  4. Laser treatments: The uses of lasers are becoming manifold as you can now use them to remove tattoos, warts, acne marks, nail fungus, and even birthmarks.
  5. Home spa: It is no a more a necessity to visit the spa every time you want your skin to be pampered. It is now possible to have a spa-like treatment at home complete with LED light, cryotherapy and T-sonic pulsations to penetrate the skin deeper and produce better results all within a span of 30 minutes. You can select the temperature and the ingredients to suit the time of the day.

Customization:  You no longer have to settle for products that are meant for a group of people; you can now customize lotions on the spot based on your skin type due to the use of augmented reality. This technology also helps you visualize your looks with a particular hairstyle or makeup …